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Welcome to Soccer Club Of Reedsburg. SCOR focuses on youth development throughout the sport of soccer. SCOR thrives to offer high quality and profesional soccer programs with in all age groups. SCOR takes pride in the growth of their athletes, not only as athletes but also as students and responsible young men and women. We believe in creating positive learning environments for our players. 


Soccer Club of Reedsburg - MAYSA

                           BOYS                                GIRLS
U9 Reedsburg U9B U9 Reedsburg U9G
U10 Reedsburg U10B U10 Reedsburg U10G
U11 Reedsburg U11B U12 Reedsburg U11/12G
U13 Reedsburg U13B  
U14 Reedsburg U14 Co-ed  
U19 Reedsburg U19B  


Coaches Contact Information(Spring '22 Traveling):

  • U9 Reedsburg Boys
    • Susan Stienmetz                email:
  • U10 Reedsburg Boys
    • Leo Almeida                        email:
  • U11 Reedsburg Boys
    • Jeremy Grundahl               email:
  • U13 Reedsburg Boys
    • Salena LeMaster                email:
  • U14 Reedsburg Co-ed
    • Cheyanne Grundahl         email:
  • U19 Reedsburg Boys
    • Fabian Luna Olivares       email:
  • U9 Reedsburg Girls
    • Bob Tolly                             email:
  • U10 Reedbsurg Girls
    • Bob Tolly                             email:
  • U12 Reedsburg Girls
    • Sara Slaats                         email:


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